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Archaeology 101 - An Introduction to Archaeology

Archaeology for beginners: what archaeology is, how we know what we know, and how we interpret what we learn to make a coherent story.
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Top Ten Archaeology News Stories of the Decade
During the first decade of the 21st century, archaeological discoveries overturned some old understandings of the process of evolution, a new ancient civilization was discovered in Peru, and the looting of a museum in Iraq

Quick Library of Resources for Archaeology at About.com
Back in the day, there was a page on About.com that would list all the meaty resources. This is that page, reborn.

Archaeology Subfields
Archaeology has many subfields--including both ways of thinking about archaeology and ways of studying archaeology

Archaeology 101: A Guide to the Science of Archaeology
The science of archaeology (also spelled archeology) originated in the 19th century of Western society, although its roots are deep in antiquity. Here's an introduction to the topic, part of Archaeology 101.

What is Archaeology? A Compilation of Pithy Quotes
What is Archaeology? The study of archaeology has been defined in a number of silly and serious ways. Here's a collection of pithy quotes from archaeologists and non-archaeologists.

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