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Archaeology 101


The study of archaeology is a profession for an estimated 20,000 people in the world today. Do you want to become one of them? Here are resources on what education you need, what kinds of jobs there are, and what kinds of things archaeologists do.
  1. What is Archaeology?
  2. Getting a Degree in Archaeology
  3. Careers in Archaeology
  4. Methods in Archaeology
  5. Heritage Management

What is Archaeology?

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Archaeology is the study of human beings, but there are lots of different kinds of archaeology that people practice today, based on the kinds of things they study, or the ways that they look at the past.

Getting a Degree in Archaeology

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Although you can volunteer as an archaeologist with little or no education or experience, to work as a professional crew person or crew chief in archaeology, you must get a Bachelor's Degree. To obtain a job as an archaeologist you will need an advanced degree (MA or PhD) from an accredited university. Here are more advice and information about getting that degree.

Careers in Archaeology

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A collection of resources for the jobseeker in archaeology, including some tips on what kind of training it's best to get, where to look for that job, and how to stay alive in the competitive worlds of academic, agency, and cultural resource management archaeology.

Methods in Archaeology

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Archaeology as a profession is some 150 years old, and over that time methods have developed that include everything from surveys to excavation to analysis to report writing. Here you'll find an assortment of information about all these techniques.

Heritage Management

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Throughout the world, increasing populations and development are leading to the destruction of many archaeological sites. Archaeologists have taken the lead to protect these sites, by supporting the creation of protection laws and conducting archaeological research in advance of site destruction.

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