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Asian Culture History and Archaeology

Culture history and archaeology of the Asian continent, including most of the countries and cultures in Asia.
  1. Afghanistan (12)
  2. Armenia (5)
  3. Asian Culture Civilizations (18)
  4. Azerbaijan (3)
  5. Bangladesh (2)
  6. Cambodia (16)
  7. China (83)
  8. Digs and Asian Culture
  9. Georgia (4)
  10. India (41)
  11. Indonesia (3)
  12. Iran (12)
  13. Iraq (21)
  14. Israel (65)
  15. Japan (27)
  16. Jordan (29)
  17. Kuwait (4)
  18. Lebanon (7)
  19. Libya
  20. Mongolia (4)
  21. Oman (3)
  22. Pakistan (18)
  23. Philippines (2)
  24. Russia (22)
  25. Syria
  26. Thailand (16)
  27. Turkey (60)
  28. Vietnam (8)

Tam Hang (Laos)
Tam Hang is an important karst rockshelter in Laos, that includes Middle and Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene deposits.

The Anatolia region is one of the cradles of urban civilization in Asian culture, and consists of the peninsula of Asia Minor.

Along the Silk Road
An introduction to the Silk Road, and information about the Asian cultures and others who established the road and traveled on it.

Archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia.
This book on Southeast Asian culture history is an excellent introduction to the culture history of mainland southeast Asia. Charles Higham. 1989. The Archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka)
Anuradhapura was founded by the Sinhalese king Pandukhabaya as his capital city in 437 BC.

Asia Geography
Cultural, political, and topographic maps of Asia, from Matt Rosenberg, your About guide to geography.

Asian Culture and Archaeology at U Penn Museum
From the University of Pennsylvania Museum, brief resumes of the various archaeological, and anthropological investigations into the ancient and modern Asian cultures.

Asian Culture on the World Atlas
The World Atlas of Archaeology is currently under revision. Here is the original index page for Asian culture, including culture history of most Asian countries.

Graduate Schools in Asia
Universities which award graduate degrees in archaeology and Asian culture, located in Asia.

Krasnyi Yar
Krasnyi Yar is a site in Kazakhstan where the earliest evidence yet for horse domestication has been discovered.

Laos Keeps Its Urns
From Russell Ciochon and Jamie James, discussion of the history of the Plain of Jars and the current status.

Merv Oasis (Turkmenistan)
The Merv Oasis was a stop on the ancient Silk Route between China and the west during the early Iron Age.

Niah Cave (Borneo)
The Great Cave of Niah in an important Middle Paleolithic] archaeological site in Borneo, and part of the Southern Disperal Route argument.

Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago
Peter Bellwood's book covers the culture history and archaeology of the Indo-Malaysian portion of Asian culture. Peter Bellwood. 1985. Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago. Academic Press, Orlando.

Oracle Bones
Writing systems of the ancient Asian cultures include oracle bones, a type of artifact found in archaeological sites from the Shang Dynasty in China.

Qatar Visitor
A good overview of the archaeology of Qatar by Francis Gillespie.

Sights on the Old Silk Road
An article on the history of the Silk Road and old sites there including Loulan, Kuqa, Hotan, Turpan, Hami, and Urumqi. From China View.

Silk Road
The Silk Road is the name given to a network of trade routes crossing Asia, first used during the Han Dynasty.

The Korean Historical Connection
At Hong-Ik University in Seoul; a collection of papers. In Korean and some English.

UCLA Asia Institute
From the University of California at Los Angeles, a resource aimed at providing teachers with information about Asia cultures.

Who Were the Aryans?
And why was Hitler so crazy about them? Information about the so-called "Aryan Invasion" of the Asian cultures in the Indian subcontinent, and who the Aryan peoples really were.

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