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Leather Sandals, Qumran Caves

The Dead Sea Scrolls


Leather Sandals Found in the Qumran Caves

Leather Sandals Found in the Qumran Caves

Courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Clara Amit, photographer.
Historical information about the Essene sect (the likely writers of the scrolls) is known not simply from the scrolls themselves. Information about clothing and lifeways is also derived from reports from ancient writers such as Josephus and Philo of Athens. The men at Qumran probably wore plain robes of undyed linen that they shared communally.

Evidence for the presence of women at Qumran is scarce; a very small minority of the 1100 people buried in the cemetery at Qumran are women; and the scrolls only rarely mention women at all. One possibility is that the sectarian group was primarily a celibate group of men.

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