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Spartel Island Not Likely Atlantis

Marc-Andre Gutscher Responds


Hi Kris,

I am writing to comment briefly upon your weblog concerning my Geology article on the destruction of Atlantis. It turns out that I agree with almost eveything you write, but I only recently came to this conclusion.

In a sense, yes it's the right place, the right circumstances, but no it's not the right time. After having heard various talks at the conference in Milos last week (on Atlantis) I cannot escape the fact that Plato is writing about a bronze age society, with a hierarchy, metallurgy skills, advanced construction, transport and navigation skills, and that this just isn't conceivable in Southern Iberia some 12,000 yrs ago.

So I conclude, if Spartel paleo-island was inhabited roughly 12,000 yrs ago, then it must have been simple fishermen (but the drowning of fishermen would hardly merit being recorded by priests in Egypt would it?).

Otherwise, Plato's chronology must be erroneous. This latter possibility was widely discussed in Milos and suggestions were made that the Egyptian priests counted years either as moon months, or perhaps seasons.

Either would have a dramatic impact on the chronology.

The bottom line is, Spartel was not inhabited by an advanced bronze age culture. So the Atlantis hunters can keep searching.

kind regards,

Marc-Andre Gutscher
Universite de Bretagne Occidentale
Institut Universitaire Europeen de la Mer
UMR 6538 Domaines Oceaniques
Place Nicolas Copernic
Plouzane, France

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