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Archaeology Digs 2014

Archaeology digs are conducted by universities, museums, and historical societies year-round all over the planet. This page includes links to ongoing archaeology digs across the world. Whether you want to join an archaeology dig, take a class, or just find out what's being dug this year, this is the page for you.
  1. Africa (10)
  2. Archaeology Digs in Australia (18)
  3. Archaeology Digs in Europe (61)
  4. Asia (7)
  5. Field Schools in Focus (46)
  6. Internships (7)
  7. Mesoamerica (16)
  8. Middle and Near East (19)
  9. North America (54)
  10. On Line Digs (11)
  11. Projects for Kids (3)
  12. Short Courses
  13. South America (11)
  14. Underwater Archaeology Digs (8)

You know you've been on a great fieldschool when...
Have you attended a field school? Do you have any words of advice to pass on to the next field school attendee about how to choose one, or what kinds of things make it a good school versus a bad one?

What is a Field School?
Want to gain experience in archaeology? Thinking about a career or just looking for some interesting things to do with your summer vacation? Then the field school is for you.

Choosing a Field School
What is it that makes a memorable field school experience? Here are some tips on how to find one that fits your needs.

How to Submit a Photograph to Archaeology at About.com
Do you have a photo from an archaeological site you've been to recently? Send it along, and we'll add it to the Reader's Gallery.

Archaeologic's Fieldwork Server
From the great site ArchaeoLogic and based in Canada, the Field Server is a current list of archaeology digs being carried out throughout the year, with suggestions of how to pick the archaeology dig to suit you.

Archaeological Digs BlogSpot
From Paul McLerran, a blog for archaeology dig opportunities, all over the world, students and professionals.

Archaeological Institute of America Fieldwork
The Archaeological Institute of America has the most comprehensive list of academic archaeology digs including field schools being undertaken, and publishes both paper and online versions of the listings each year.

Archaeology Field Schools
From Kevin Kelly at the University of Iowa, long form listings of current field schools.

Placement service for archaeology digs in Spain, no Spanish required, mostly for university-based excavations and student credit provided.

For the past thirty years, ArcheoStage has been conducting field-work training sessions for teenagers and college students. Attached to the Free University of Brussels, they conduct field excavations at historic and prehistoric sites mostly in Belgium; training sessions are scheduled each summer and winter.

CSA/AIA Guide to Archaeological Projects
A database of archaeology digs around the world, from Harrison Eiteljorg, II and the Center for the Study of Architecture and Archaeology at Bryn Mawr.

Biblical Archaeology Review's Find a Dig
From the Biblical Archaeological Society, detailed excavation listings primarily from the middle and near east, a few from Europe as well.

Digs for Kids
From the children's archaeology magazine published by Carus Publishing Company called Dig, a list of archaeology digs that can be attended by children under 16 or children and their families.

Grampus Heritage and Training: European Placements
Grampus run a programme for placing students on practical archaeology digs in Europe each year. The 'Excavation Centred Training in European Archaeology' is open to all UK residents over 18 (including international students) who can demonstrate that participation in the programme will be of benefit to them in the future. Funded by the European Leonardo da Vinci Training Scheme.

Institute for Field Research
The IFR is an independent academic organization dedicated to archaeology field schools. All programs are run by leading academic scholars, and the board consists of scholars around the field. A great new resource for students seeking field school positions.

PortAnta (Portugal)
Placement service for excavations in Portugal. PortAnta runs several field schools and excavations every year.

Grotte XVI Project (France)
TBD. The Grotte XVI is a large cave in the Perigord region of southern France. Excavations have been carried out in the cave since 1984 by the University of Tennessee (Jan F. Simek, PI) and the University of Bordeaux (Jean-Philippe Rigaud, PI).

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