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Finding an archaeology job shouldn't be as difficult as it sometimes seems; here's a page of resources that will help you find that job, whether as a field technician, a laboratory technician, a project archaeologist, or a college professor.
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About Indeed: Archaeology
A very useful little search engine that aggregates all job postings across the internet, by keyword or location or what have you. I ran a test today on 'archaeology' and got back 120 jobs active in the list, from all over the net.

Have Trowel, Will Travel
Have Trowel, Will Travel is a series on what must be the most common archaeology jobs in the world, and certainly the starting point for almost any other archaeology job you'd like to go into: field technician.

David Carlson's FAQ about a Career in Archaeology
A comprehensive discussion about preparing for a career in archaeology in the United States, with specific applications to archaeology jobs.

Exit Interview
Or what to do when the romance of archaeology jobs wears thin. A budding archaeologist changes horses in midstream; can this situation be saved?

Job Search at About
Another great source for help your search for archaeology jobs is the Job Search site at About, by Alison Doyle.

Job Searching - Technical Careers
Although not specifically about archaeology jobs, J. Steven Niznik has loads of good advice about tailoring your technical archaeology jobs search.

Jobs in Archaeology - SAA Web
Archaeology jobs listings and career advice from the Society for American Archaeology.

United States Federal Government
The US Federal Government usually has several archaeology job listings in different places around the country.

Where the Jobs Are
Advice on careers in anthropology, including archaeology jobs, from Sharlotte Neely of University of Northern Kentucky.

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