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Etruscan Civilization

The Etruscans were an ancient civilization of the Etruria region of Italy, and they ruled Italy from the Iron Age until the Roman Empire.
  1. Etruscan Civilization

Etruscan Civilization and Timeline
The Etruscans were a cultural group in the Etruria region of Italy, from the 11th through the first century BC (Iron Age into Roman times).

Arthur Dale Trendall [1909-1995]
New Zealander Arthur Dale Trendall was an art historian whose work on identifying the work of individual artists on Etruscan ceramic vessels earned him international prizes and a knighthood.

Caso Nocera (Italy)
Caso Nocera is an Etruscan warrior's burial, identified in Italy, taken out as a unit and then excavated in the laboratory, an article in Archaeology Online.

Etruscan Art
From Rozmeri Basic at the University of Oklahoma's Art History department, fine art photography of sculpture, pottery and other art of the Etruscans. Uses Shockwave.

John Bryan Ward Perkins [1912-1981]
British archaeologist John Bryan Ward Perkins spent nearly twenty five years excavating in the Etruria region of Italy.

Josiah Wedgwood [1730-1792]
Innovative British potter and businessman Josiah Wedgwood's role in archaeology came about in 1769, when he created pots based on Greek and Etruscan vases owned by the diplomat William Hamilton.

Luna (Italy)
The ruins of the Etruscan, Roman and post-Roman trading port of Luna are located on the coast of northern Italy.

Poggio Colla (Italy)
From the Mugello Valley Archaeology Project, excavations at Poggio Colla, an Etruscan city inhabited between the 7th and late third centuries BC.

Villanova Culture
The Villanova Culture is the name given to the early Iron Age predessors of the great Etruscan civilization

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