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Archaeological Sites in France

A catalogue of some of the more important archaeological sites in France.

Basilique de St-Denis (France)
The French Basilique de St-Denis is the most recent structure of several churches built on the top of a Gallo-Roman cemetery where St. Denis is said to have been buried.

Bibracte (Athena Review)
A Roman fortsite in the Bourgogne region; an article in the Athena Review.

From the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, an underwater medieval site occupied during the 11th century AD. French and English.

Combe-Capelle Bas
Middle Paleolithic site, excavated by Henri-Marc Ami during the 20s and 30s, and presented on the web at the Old Stone Age site.

Chassey le Camp (France)
Chassey le Camp is the Chasséen (middle Neolithic) type site located on the Saone river, and the remains of a small farming village of between 100 and 400 people, occupied beginning about 1500 BC.

Bibracte (France)
The French archaeological site of Bibracte is an Iron Age site located on Mont Beuvray near Autun.

Chilhac (France)
Chilhac is the name of a karst cave in the Massif Central region of Auvergne, France, with an early hominid (probably Homo erectus) occupation.

Chauvet Cave (France)
Chauvet Cave is one of the earliest rock art sites in the world, dating to the Aurignacian period in France, about 30,000-32,000 years ago.

Cosquer Cave
A rock art site which can only be accessed through an underwater tunnel, on Cape Morgiou near Marseilles. From the French Ministry of Culture.

Etiolles (France)
Etiolles is a French Upper Paleolithic (Magdalenian) site located on the Seine River near Corbeil-Essonnes about 30 kilometers south of Paris.

Paleolithic site, from Old Stone Age and the Bishop Museum.

Giverny - Vernon Archeological sites
Brief description of four sites near these two towns in France, including a megalithic site and some rock shelters. English and French.

La Doline de Roucadour
A Middle Neolithic (Chasséen) cave, investigated by P. Sabatier of the University of Toulouse. In French.

La Grande Rivoire
Mesolithic through Iron Age occupation in southeastern France, from the University of Geneva.

Mas d'Azil (France)
The French paleolithic cave site known as Mas d'Azil is located in the Pyrénées of France, and was excavated by Edouard Piette.

La Ferrassie Cave (France)
La Ferrassie cave is a Neanderthal site located near the modern town of Les Eyzies in the Dordogne Valley of France.

Mauriac and its Area (Auvergne)
Background, history and archaeology about the site of Auvergne and the Mauriac region of France, from the Committee of History and Archaeology of Mauriac and its Area. English and French.

Orgnac 3 (France)
Orgnac 3 is a Middle Paleolithic cave and open air site located in the Rhone Valley of France, near the Ardeche river gorges.

Le Flageolet I
Le Flageolet I is a small, stratified rockshelter in the Dordogne valley of southwestern France, near the town of Bezenac.

Pont du Gard (France)
The Pont du Gard is an aqueduct built by the Romans between 40 and 60 BC, to take public water across the Gard river for French subjects of the Roman empire.

Pont du Gard Aqueduct
Roman aqueduct near Nîmes; an article in the Athena Review.

Romans on the Mediterranean: Frejus (Athena Review)
Roman site on the Mediterranean, an article in the Athena Review.

Romans on the Mediterranean: Nice-Cimiez
Roman complex, including baths and ampitheatre, and an early Christian basilica, an article in the Athena Review.

Romans on the Rhône: Arles (Athena Review)
The first Roman town to be built in Gaul after the 49 BC defeat of Pompey's forces by Caesar at Marseille was Arles, highlighted here in an article in the Athena Review.

Romans on the Rhône: Lyon
The Roman part of this historic city, an article in the Athena Review.

Vallée de la Vezère
Hub for information about sites in the Vezere Valey, including Abri Castenet and other important cave sites. Virtual visits, tourist information, etc. In French.

Vallonet Cave (France)
Vallonet Cave is a paleolithic cave in the maritime Alps of southeastern France, near the Mediterranean coast near Nice.

Terra Amata (France)
Terra Amata is an Acheulean paleolithic site located on the Mediterranean coast of southern France near the modern town of Nice.

Rougiers (France)
The French medieval rural walled hilltop village near Rougiers was occupied in the 12th century, and then deserted.

Tautavel Cave (France)
The French site of Tautavel Cave (also called Caune de l'Arago) is an ancient karst cave in the Tautavel valley containing over 40 very old occupations.

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