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Evolution and the Origins of Human Beings

Homo sapiens has a long history of occupation on this planet, between 100,000 years and 500,000 years. These links are to the processes of evolution, including our direct and distant ancestors.
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Peopling Austronesia
Two articles published in Science magazine the week of January 23, 2009, describe a possible population scenario for Australia and Remote Oceania.

The Origins of Races
How did human society break into races, and what does that mean? A bibliography of recent studies on human races.

The First Human
The First Human: The Race to Discover Our Earliest Ancestors is an enjoyable book, even if the pettiness of the scholars makes me cringe. This fascinating look into the men and women of the search for the earliest human ancestor is well worth investigating on your own.

Becoming Human
From the Institute of Human Origins, a website centered around a 30 minute documentary by Donald Johanson on human origins. Glossary, news, opinions as well.

Evolution is the study of change. In its most basic sense, evolution is the scientific theory that all animals and plants have their beginnings in preexisting types.

Genographic Project: The Atlas of the Human Journey
The Atlas of the Human Journey includes a map-based exploration of human migration and evolution is an image-rich, user-friendly introduction to current understandings of the rise of Homo sapiens. A series of podcasts leads the user step-by-step out of Africa, while numerous deeper studies of genome trails are there to be explored. From National Geographic's Genographic Project.

Intelligent Designs on Evolution
From American RadioWorks, this website by Mary Beth Kirchner provides an hour-long documentary from NPR and the transcript about the ongoing discussion about teaching intelligent design in science classes.

Little Lady of Flores
A different species of homo walked this earth as recently as 18,000 years ago, long after Homo habilis, Homo erectus, even 10,000 years after the Neanderthals had died out. The Little Lady of Flores is shaking everybody's family tree.

Neanderthals Meet Modern Humans
An article in the Athena Review by John Shea on the evidence for Neanderthal and modern human interaction in the middle east.

Odd Man Out: Neanderthals and Modern Humans
From British Archaeology, an article by Paul Pettit on new information on the human/neanderthal interface.

Peter Brown's Australian & Asian Paleoanthropology
A terrific combination of research tools, teaching tools, and discussions of skeletal material.

Video Review: NOVA Neanderthals on Trial
Public Broadcasting's award-winning Nova series has produced a video called Neanderthals on Trial, which considers an intriguing question in archaeology: what was the relationship between Homo sapiens sapiens (modern human beings) and Homo sapiens neanderthalensis (Neanderthals)?

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