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Indus Seals and the Indus Civilization Script


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What Exactly is a Stamp Seal?
Examples of the 4500 year old Indus script on seals and tablets

Examples of the 4500 year old Indus script on seals and tablets

Image courtesy of J.M. Kenoyer / Harappa.com

The script writing of the Indus civilization has been found on stamp seals, pottery, tablets, tools, and weapons. Of all these types of inscriptions, stamp seals are the most numerous, and they are the focus of this photo essay.

A stamp seal is something used by the—well you absolutely have to call it the international trade network of the Bronze age Mediterranean societies, including Mesopotamia and pretty much anybody who traded with them. In Mesopotamia, carved pieces of stone were pressed into the clay used to seal packages of trade goods. The impressions on the seals often listed the contents, or the origin, or the destination, or the amount of goods in the package, or all of the above.

The Mesopotamian stamp seal network is widely considered the first language in the world, developed because of the need for accountants to track whatever was being traded. CPAS of the world, take a bow!

Sources and Further Information

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Guide to the Indus Civilization

Bibliography of the Indus Civilization

Mesopotamian cylinder seal

Study of the Indus Script at Harappa.com includes an article by Asko Parpola, essential reading to understanding this issue.

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