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Lindow Man (UK)



The Lindow Man bog body is the name given to the mummified Iron Age human remains of a man recovered from a peat bog called Lindow Moss near Manchester in Cheshire county, England.

Dated to approximately 2 BC-AD 119, Lindow man was apparently sacrificed. Because peat bogs have such excellent preservative qualities, researchers have been able to reconstruct the climate of the region 2000 years ago. Lindow Man was found by workmen in the 1980s; the investigator most associated with Lindow man is Don Brothwell.


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A popular book is also available, although I haven't seen it:
Ross, Anne and Don Robins. 1990. The life and death of a Druid prince: the story of Lindow Man, an archaeological sensation. Simon and Schuster, New York.

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