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Tetitla Apartment Compound at Teotihuacán

A Ramble Around Teotihuacan with Dick Diehl




Photograph by Richard A. Diehl, November 2008

Apartment Compounds

The vast majority of Teotihuacanos lived in large rectangular single story buildings with stone and adobe walls, plaster or packed earth floors, and flat roofs. They were divided up into multiple apartments that opened onto courtyards that were open to the sky. Archaeologists have excavated only a handful of the 2,000+ known apartment compounds and none have excavated in their entirety. Several located in the southwestern part of the city are open to visitors and are well worth the effort for anyone who wants insights into daily life in the city. Here we can only mention one of them, Tetitla.


In Tetitla one can see the surviving wall stubs with remnants of painted stucco as well as a small interior courtyard and the remains of columns that once supported the flat roof. The scar in the center of the courtyard marks an area that probably once supported a small "altar" or shrine that was looted in ancient times (see below).

Written by Richard A. Diehl

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