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Military Sites and Battle Studies

Evidence for military actions and structures in the past make up an interesting study for the archaeological world.
  1. Battlefield Sites (10)
  2. Military Forts and Outposts (5)

Recommended Battlefield Sites
Battlefield sites are national or local parks that have been formed to remind us of pivotal battles in our past. Many of them are well worth a visit; here's where you can recommend those you've visited.

American Battlefield Protection Program
From the National Park Service, a description of their program on protecting battlefield sites. Includes a good range of lesson plans in addition.

Battlefields Trust
A site dedicated to the preservation of battlefields, specifically those of the English Civil War.

An electronic discussion list on military archaeology and military architecture.

Military Artifacts of Spanish Florida
A pictorial Internet museum of buttons and other military paraphenalia from 1650-1821.

NPS Battlefield Archaeology
The US National Park Service maintains several Civil War battlefield sites, including Manassas, Petersburg, and Monocacy. This site describes the ongoing investigations.

Battlefield Archaeology
Battlefield archaeology is the archaeological investigations of the sites of military battles.

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