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Neolithic Sites in China

Chinese Neolithic


Archaeological investigations of the ancient Yellow and Yangtze valleys have produced evidence of the earliest domesticates in east Asia: foxtail millet, Broomcorn millet, and rice.

This list of Neolithic sites in Western Asia was assembled for the About.com Guide to the Neolithic.

Banpo (Shaanxi Province)

The archaeological site of Banpo is a Neolithic village and cemetery on the Wei River in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. Banpo belongs to the early Yangshao culture, and was occupied between about 4800-4000 BC

Dadiwan (Qi'nan Province)

Dadiwan is a Neolithic archaeological site located within the upper reaches of the Yellow River near Shaodian in Qi'nan county, Gansu province of China.

Hemudu (Zhejiang Province)

Hemudu is an important early Neolithic site located in Zhejiang Province on Hangzhou Bay, and the type site for the Hemudu culture.

Jiahu (Henan Province)

Jiahu is an important archaeological site dated to the early Neolithic period, Peiligang tradition (7000-5800 BC), divided into three periods. It is located about 22 kilometers north of Wuyang, in southwestern Henan Province, China, on the east slopes of Fuliu Mountain. The site's importance lies in its established early data and dates for pig domestication, rice domestication, musical instruments, fermented beverages and writing.

Jiangzhai (Lintong Province)

Jiangzhai is a large Neolithic village (Yangshao culture) located in Lintong County, about four kilometers from the famous (and much later) Tomb of Shihuang di. Radiocarbon dates from the site fall between 4790 and 3690 BC, and cover the four phases of the Yangshao culture. The oldest phase (called Banpo) is securely dated between 4790 and 4340 BC (calibrated).

Liangzhu Culture

Liangzhu is the name of a culture of the Late Neolithic Age in China (3200-2200 BC), found at more than 100 sites throughout Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces near Hangzhou Bay and the Lake Tai region of the lower reaches of the Yangtze river.

Liuwan Tombs (Qinghai Province)

Liuwan is a large Neolithic cemetery, found near Liuwan village of Qinghai province in the late 1970s. About 1500 tombs have been excavated there to date, with some 30,000 artifacts. Among the artifacts are distinctive Majaiyao Culture pots (3300-2025 BC)

Tianluoshan (Zhejiang Province)

Tianluoshan is an Early Neolithic site located on Hangzhou Bay, and important for evidence of paddy rice domestication

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