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Pottery Vessels

Using fired clay to store things is an old tradition; the first vessels were produced nearly 15,000 years ago. Here are a selection of websites on pottery in its most familiar form.
  1. Historic Ceramics (6)

Colors of Clay: Athenian Vases
From the Getty Museum, a webpage in support of an upcoming exhibition of Athenian vases. site has a video on how Greek potters built vases, and other information about forming and decorating these ceramics.

Eastern Mediterranean Pottery
From Louise Joyner and Internet Archaeology, an entire issue on ceramic studies of the near east.

Heinrich Dressel's Amphora Typology
From Per Åkesson,  a web page devoted to the amphora dating table, first published in 1899 as Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum.

Inca Pots from the Osmore Drainage in Peru
A collection of vessels, including effigy bowls from Bruce Owens.

Inca Pottery
Three simple pages from Jorge Ruiz, illustrating the marvelous artistry of the potters of South America, the Incas and their ancestors.

Late Prehistoric Pottery Gazetteer
A CD-Rom project, including Late Bronze Age to the Late Iron Age ceramics from England; the University of Southampton.

Medieval Pottery Research Group
Contains useful information on upcoming conferences, publications, and links to resources.

The Hollister Collection
  From the University of Massachusetts, images of their huge collection of pots from the American southwest.

The Potters of San Ildefonso Pueblo
The beautiful American Indian pottery of San Ildefonso pueblo found in museums in Santa Fe is the work of the descendants of Tewa potter Maria Martinez, assisted by that insensitive clod, archaeologist Edgar Lee Hewett.

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