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Remote Sensing Applications

Remote sensing applications, using airplanes or satellite images, or geochemical or geoelectric techniques to examine below-ground resources without excavation, are one of the fastest growing methods of archaeological research.
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Google Earth and Archaeology
Google Earth, software that uses high resolution satellite images of the entire planet to allow the user to get an incredible moving aerial view of our world, has stimulated some serious applications in archaeology--and seriously good fun for fans of archaeology.

Aerial Archaeology
A comprehensive investigation of the use of aerial resources in archaeology, from Jacques Dassié. English and French.

Aerial Archaeology Newsletter
Complete articles, but only of the first issue, which came out in 1996, and I don't believe there's been another one.

Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG)
The AARG is a professional association dedicated to the "exchange of ideas and information for all those actively involved in aerial photography, photo interpretation, field archaeology and landscape history"

Aerial Surveys of Persepolis and Iran
The earliest form of remote sensing application was aerial photography. During the mid-1930s, Erich F. Schmidt of the Oriental Institute conducted some of the earliest planned photographic surveys taken from an airplane. This site from the OI describes the methods and results of the remote sensing survey and includes several of the black and white photos of Persepolis and other sites in Iran.

Several examples of remote sensing applications, including proton magnetometer, electrical resistivity, and ground penetrating radar testing, from Sandro Veronese in Italy. Italian and English.

Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data
From ADS, another terrific Guide to Good Practice, this one on archiving results from remote sensing applications, in particular aerial photography.

Encounter with a Dowser
Dowsing--using a willow wand to discover water or cemeteries--is not a remote sensing application used by archaeologists with any regularity, but it is popular with the general public. One rainy October morning, I and my crew gathered at an abandoned farmstead to wait for a dowser.

GPR in Archaeology
Larry Conyers' website provides a description of the remote sensing application called Ground Penetrating Radar, including photographs and a discussion of its uses.

Otto Braasch: Aerial Photographs of Baden-Wurttenmburg
Very painterly-looking photographs of archaeological sites in the Baden-Wurttemburg region of Germany, from Otto Braasch. Sort of an artistic version of a remote sensing application.

Remote Sensing and Archaeology
From NASA, reports on several applications of remote sensing on archaeological regions in North America, including Costa Rica, New Mexico, and Guatemala.

Remote Sensing Applications: Burgundy, France
A remote sensing application by Scott Mabry of settlement patterns and archaeological sites in the Arroux River valley of Burgundy, France.

USGS Aerial and Topographic Maps
A collection of free, downloadable satellite, aerial and topographic images from the United States Geological Survey, very useful for remote sensing applications.

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