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Russian Culture History and Archaeology

Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of Russia.
  1. Russian Sites (14)

Afontova culture
The Afontova culture is the name given to the Upper paleolithic culture in Siberia, 22,000-14,000 years before the present.

Andronovo Culture
The Andronovo culture is the name given to an Old World sedentary pastoralist society of the Late Bronze Age.

Belkachi Culture
The Belkachi culture is the named given to a Middle Neolithic culture in the northern Baikal region of Siberia, between 5000-3900 years before the present.

Maritime Archaeology in Russia
A discussion of the problems and history of underwater archaeology in the Black Sea, from Peter Sorokin of the Russian Academy of Science.

Russian Academy of Science, Siberian Branch
From the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, a wealth of archaeological information on the prehistory of Russia, including links to data on sites and overviews of culture history. Not completed yet, but the site has tons of information on Altai sites. English and Russian.

The Khazar Fortress of Sarkel
A medieval site on the Don River in Russia, from Kevin Brook at the Khazaria Information Center.

The Khazarian Information Center
A website with data on the Jewish Medieval kingdom of Khazaria, in what is now far eastern Europe.

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