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Safety Issues in Archaeology

The world is not a safe place--and heavens knows the archaeological field is fraught with danger, from working in trenches to dealing with temperature extremes to plant and animal life.

Chronic Disease and the Archaeologist
Someone wrote in asking about ergonomic and chronic diseases in archaeology, and you readers came through.

Diving Diseases Research Centre
At the Hyperbaric Medical Centre in Plymouth, England, a research institution dedicated to the investigation of health matters in all who use compressed gases for diving

Excavation Safety First
Field safety is no joke: the first thing you need to do is become aware before you leave for the field of the various problems you might encounter.

Safety First: Tick, Tick, Tick
Insect bites are probably close to the most frequently occurring field hazard for any archaeological excavation. Here's why you should pay attention to that bug bite.

Safety Management Tips
For the manager in all of us, a collection of sites on the Internet that provide information for the management of safety issues, from About's management guide F. John Reh.

Underwater Health and Safety
From Diver's Alert Network and Alert Diver magazine, an accident report hotline and FAQ for diving safety.

Workplace and Occupational Safety and Health Standards
From J. Steven Niznik, a description of American Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

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