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Serbia and Montenegro Archaeology

Archaeological sites and other cultural resource information about the past of the Balkan states of Serbia and Montenegro.

Lepenski Vir: Change and Resistance
Change and resistance: A Mesolithic village occupation on the Danube River in Serbia.

Lukavica, Serbia
From Archaeology magazine, a brief report on the archaeological investigations of mass grave sites near Sarajevo.

Medieval Serbia
An online feature from Archaeology magazine by James Wiseman in his work in Serbia, and the political and cultural climate of the country.

The site of Opovo is a Late Neolithic village site in the province of Vojvodina on the Tamis River in what is the modern day country of Serbia.

Project Rastko: Internet Library of the Serbian Culture
A collection of scholarly articles on everything from anthropology through philosophy in the humanities and drama through photography in the arts. This is the archaeology section; in Serbian and English, as well as a huge range of other languages.

Vinča is the name of a large tell, located on the Danube River in the Balat Plain about 15 kilometers downstream from Belgrade in what is now Serbia.

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