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Archaeology by Country

Archaeological investigations have taught us much about the history and prehistory of the world. This page includes information about your corner of the world, and elsewhere.
  1. Africa (311)
  2. Arctic Cultures (30)
  3. Asia (534)
  4. Australia and Oceania (55)
  5. Europe (565)
  6. Latin America (19)
  7. Mediterranean Sea (38)
  8. Mesoamerica (67)
  9. Middle East (54)
  10. North America (508)
  11. Pacific Islands (7)
  12. Scandinavia (28)
  13. South America (197)

How to Submit a Photo to About Archaeology
The Archaeology @ About.com website needs you! I'm building a photo essay of archaeological sites in various countries. Would you like to help?

World Atlas of Archaeology: The Index
This is the original file listing the World Atlas, eventually to be replaced.

World Atlas: Alphabetical List of Countries
The original index of the World Atlas contains an alphabetical listing of each of the countries.

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